About Metal Dynamics


Metal Dynamics Corporation is a production jobbing foundry producing sand and investment castings in a wide variety of alloys. MDC was established in 1950 to service the pressure tight requirements of the valve and pump industries. The evolution of our quality standards from these stringent requirements has made it possible for our present customers to compete in markets requiring the utmost in casting quality.

Metal Dynamics Arial View

In 1950 Jake's Foundry was founded primarily to produce sand castings for oil field equipment manufactures. The principal alloy cast was aluminum bronze although other copper alloys as well as aluminum were also produced. In 1977 we changed the name of our company to Metal Dynamics Corporation and in 1980 the company expanded into a new facility in the near northeast section of Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1986 we expanded our capabilities to include the investment casting (ceramic shell) process.


MDC may not be considered an old company by some standards, however since 1950 we have been producing high quality castings for a variety of applications. The techniques we used over sixty years ago would hardly be recognized in our plant today. Today's methods are a product of yesterday's observations. Our understanding of tooling design, gating, molding, and melting practices have been expanded by the review of thousands of x-ray film and metallurgical test results. The application of new technology is a continuous part of our commitment to meeting the casting needs of our customers.